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Past Specialty Beers from Standing Stone Brewing Company
Ashland Oregon Restaurant and Brewery - Standing Stone Brewing Company

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." ~ Oscar Wilde


Here's a list of specialty brews we've offered to date. Read about the style, ingredients, food pairings and more. Some of these craft beers are likely to make a reprise. Keep any eye on our twitter feed, facebook page and beer menu, and ask our servers the next time you visit our brewpub to be sure you don't miss your favorites.

350 Ale

This microbrew is golden and medium bodied with a slightly sweet aroma. The 350 in its name refers to the use of extra malt, 350 pounds in total, adding a bit of extra sweetness and body. It pleases the palate, offering a tart and bready flavor with a balancing mild bitterness. 6.5% abv  (details on our blog)

76 Hands Blackberry Ale

This refreshing wheat beer has hit taps just in time for the summer! 61 lbs. of ripe blackberries from Standing Stone’s One Mile Farm give this ale a mild and fruity tartness, balanced perfectly by Organic Magnum hops and warm, malt flavor. 4.1% abv, 7 IBU  (details on our blog)

Backyard Brew

A true local beer made with barley from the Klamath Basin, wheat and coriander grown in Medford, maple blackberry honey from Eagle Point, and hops from the Willamette Valley.
Gold with a white haze, bubblegum aroma provided by a Belgian wheat yeast, and lots of spiciness in the flavor with hints of anise and a tinge of smokiness. Finishes dry with a lingering bitterness. 5.7% abv (details on our blog)

Barley Wine

Our 2011 blend is reddish brown and full boded. It offers aromas of toffee swirl with vinous, prune and raisin-like flavors.  This beer will warm your heart, not to mention your soul, with its big malt flavors.  Best enjoyed at a cellar temperature of 50 F. 9.9% abv (details on our blog)

Our 2010 batch was brewed in 2008 and aged in a Seguin Moreau oak barrel. It offers vinous-like aromas and dried fruit flavors of raisin and plum. It’s sweet as it hits the palate and a pleasant wood character also permeates through the tasting experience. 11% abv (details on our blog)

Benefit Bock

This German lager features rich, warm tones of reddish brown. It offers a medium to full body, making it perfect to take the chill off of late winter weather. As you sip, you’ll enjoy layers of malty sweet aroma and flavor reminiscent of warm bread pudding. 6.0% abv (details on our blog)

Brewer's Surprise Ale

A brand new brew to Standing Stone! This ale was brewed with Ahtanum hops to impart herbal, green tea aroma. Orange color and medium body with mild bitterness. 6.1% abv, 15 IBU (details on our blog)

Brimstone Lager

Munich-style Helles lager is pale gold with a lightly toasted aroma. The slight, sweet maltiness and bright, crisp finish make it a great pair with lighter foods. 5.3% abv, 18 IBU

Butternut Brown (brewed by 2010 intern Acacia Baldner)

Based on the American Brown Ale style, this features a deep brown hue and a rich, medium body. This malty, flavorful microbrew exhibits notes of caramel, roasted nuts, and a crisp, dry walnut-shell finish with aromas of mild hop and biscuit. 6.1% abv (details on our blog)

Chocolate Ale

The orange, light rust colored ale has a mild, chocolatey flavor. With a caramel backbone, the delicate character of the Criollo variety cacao bean is apparent in fruity notes of red berries. You'll enjoy the silky body and nuanced flavors. 6.1% abv, 15 IBU

Farmer Brown

Our 2015 seasonal beer sports a chestnut color and offers toasted aromas of graham cracker. Along with a medium body, biscuit-like flavors are followed by a slightly dry and nutty finish with a mild bitterness. 5.1% abv 25 IBU

Our 2011 blend sports a light coffee color and a light to medium body. You'll enjoy a warm, roast-like aroma with a pronounced toast flavor (like the essence of bread fresh out of a wood-fired oven...mmmmm). 5.2% abv (details on our blog)

Our 2010 rendition of this ale is copper to light brown in color. It offers a fruity and fresh-bread-yeast aroma, toasty and graham cracker flavors, and low hop bitterness. 5.0% abv (details on our blog)

Freestone Sour

Our first whirl with a Berliner Weiss was brewed with 130 lbs. of local peaches. Hazy white in color and refreshingly tart in flavor, this beer pairs great with Fish Tacos or Marionberry Cobbler. 3.5% abv, 5 IBU - Bronze medal winner in the 2015 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Happily Single

This single malt and single hop beer is made with Full Pint barley and Liberty hops. The beer is golden in color wirth aromas of baked bread and a hint of citrus. The flavor is lightly fruity, has a soft sweetness and is pleasantly clean. 6.2% avb 20 IBU

Hardtail Ale

This Golden Ale has a mild spicy aroma and biscuit-like flavor. The light body and mouthfeel make this beer a refreshing finish to a day spent on the trails or relaxing outdoors. 4.5% abv, 18 IBU


Translated literally as “yeast wheat,” Hefeweizen is a traditional Bavarian wheat beer that’s customarily top fermented. It’s unfiltered, resulting in a hazy gold color matching summer’s late afternoon rays, and highly carbonated for a refreshing mouthfeel. This craft beer offers aromas and flavors of clove and banana. Our 2010 batch garnered a gold award in the Lallemand Brain of Brewers contest in 2010. 6.0% abv (details on our blog)

Indie Pilsner

This pilsner features a bright yellow color and a light to medium body. You’ll savor a spicy-herbal hop aroma from the use of Czech Saaz hops, and a bready, biscuit-like malt profile. A finishing medium bitterness rounds out the tasting experience. Made with 100% organic ingredients. 4.9% abv (details on our blog)

Jefferson Common

Our version of a "steam beer" honors an American original that was born in the West. It's deep gold in color and light to medium body. It offers a spicy aroma, bready maltiness and a soft lingering bitterness. 4.2% abv (details on our blog)

Lavendula Saison

This Farmhouse-style saison is hazy yellow with a floral aroma & slightly tart mouthfeel. Lavender flowers give a mild herbaceous character. 5.3% abv, 15 IBU

Madrone Northwest Red Ale

A medium-bodied red with aromas of rose petals & toffee. Cocoa malt & piney hop flavor, followed by a huge Apollo hop finish. 8.1% abv, 60 IBU

Madrone Red

This session-style ale presents a deep red color and a light to medium body. It's big on flavor, imparting an up front malt sweetness, light caramel-flavor and medium bitterness intensity in the 25 IBU range. Madrone Red offers a snappy, clean finish for the perfect ending. 4% abv (details on our blog)

Midsummer Dream

This ale offers a bright yellow color matching summer’s rays. It’s a session-style beer with a very light body but it's lightweight when it comes to flavor. You’ll savor a distinct cracker-like malt character with spicy and floral nuances from the blend of Cascade and Centennial hops. Due to fermentation at a lower temperature (62F) than our other ales, this beer has a crisp, dry finish much like a pilsner. 4.9% abv (details on our blog)


NPK Ale has a soft amber hue and a light body. You'll enjoy a toasted marshmallow aroma, a smooth mouthfeel, rounded sweet malt flavor and low bitterness. (details on our blog)

Oktoberfest 2010

This lager has a deep golden color, orange hue & smooth medium body. It offers a hard candy aroma & rich, intense maltiness with biscuity notes, finishing with warm, toasted flavors. 5.7% abv, 25 IBU (details on our blog)

Oktoberfest 2015

Deep golden color and orange hues. This lager has a sweet and light-toasted maltiness, minimal bitterness and a bready aroma topped of with a smooth medium body. 6.1% abv 20 IBU

Pacific Crest Ale

Whether you’ve spent the day hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail or strolling the town, this is the beer to quench your thirst. Golden in color with a crisp, mellow body and low hop character, it’s our lightest offering in all respects. With fewer hops the malt shines through, releasing a biscuit aroma and bready flavor with a clean finish. 4.6% abv (details on our blog)

Peace Ale

This beer shows off with a bright yellow color. A mild and slightly spicy aroma is contributed by Willamette hops grown in the Oregon valley by the same name. A distinct cracker-like malt flavor balances nicely with a medium bitterness. With a lower fermentation temperature (62F) than our other ales, this beer has a crisp, dry finish much like a classic pilsener. 5.3% abv (details on our blog)

Pints for a Purpose Ale - Benefitting Bee Girl

Bright golden in color with a mild, spicy aroma, this Summer ale features hops from the Willamette Valley, cracker-like malt flavor, medium bitterness and a light, crisp finish. 4.8% abv, 25 IBU (details on our blog)

Victory Lager

A classic Vienna-style Lager named after the Victory Malt used during the brewing process. Its freshly baked bread aroma & biscuity, toasted flavors with low hop bitterness makes this a perfect cold weather beer. 5.6% abv, 15 IBU

Wildcraft Ale

This specialty beer is brewed with Sweet Root and Wild Ginger collected from Grizzly Peak, and was crafted as part of the Beers Made By Walking project. It boasts deep black color, strong anise aroma, medium body and a spicy, tingling mouthfeel with flavors of earthy and woody licorice. 5.5% abv, 20 IBU